Not every country has a good government and some countries have none at all! After a stage of mutual respect between the various waring tribes in a region, has developed, there will be felt the need to create a system of management and control of the communities within the various surrounding countries and the stable setting of their territorial limits.  To reach this stage may take several hundred years due to the nature of rulers of these nascent countries to agree on where these limits should be drawn. These are some of the first functions of government along with the need for some general kinds of lawmaking rules, later called a national constitution.

As the degree of civilization grows there becomes awareness for national development for public services starting with external and internal security. Money of some kind needs to be introduced and with it a whole scale of national problems and their solutions emerges, including the protection of disabled and poor people who are unable to earn their own living. The banks (which can develop without government support) will eventually need some degree of control and limiting laws concerning the way that money is generated and distributed and who can control its use.

The government also provides national health and emergency services, to protect the communities against plague, flood, drought, etc. also begin to be felt and later, with the need for planned living within cities becomes a part of the life, there is a need for organized educational facilities such as schools, libraries, colleges and research centers to become established.

The trouble begins when the government is expected to supply these things but fails to collect sufficient taxes to cover its expenses. It is a frequent situation that by the time this stage of development has been reached that the laws concerning tax paying and money redistribution begin to favor certain parts of the community. Those whose jobs are partly connected to the government as well as managers of large conglomerates find themselves in position of power where they can spread their money incomes in an unfair, selfish and corrupt way. This is where the degree of social justice becomes uneven and there is a need to make corrections for this situation. The details of the cause of this corruption and how to rectify it form the main subject of this article.

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