Having explained the way that our society developed with regard to the tenure of the land, the following description will show:

 Where the ethics of the present way of government fail and
 The proper expression about how this should be done.

5.1 Current failures in government through land tenure

Unless the opportunities for access to useful sites of land (and other natural resources) are shared in a more just way, a relatively small part of our society will continue to unfairly monopolize these bountiful gifts. The access to many of these sites is being denied because their owners have either pride in ownership (which in many cases goes back hundreds of years) or speculation in the rising value of the land in that region (which is large due to the way the infrastructure has developed, after the support of the government expenditure on it, following taxation) or reserving some of the owned site for further expansion of an existing factory or installation for production and/or distribution of goods.

Today legislature concerning land registration of ownership makes little or no demand on the owner for his/her payment for this access to what is a natural bounty. The opportunity-cost of having a site, whether it is being properly used or not, is largely forgotten and the resulting loss to the greater community is neglected, when the site in question is not being properly used. Even when it is in use the ground-rent is either paid to the owner by the tenant (instead of being supplied for general public use) or when the owner is also the producer, is not placed on the balance sheet, as if the owner is paying himself this rent, which is a better representation of the actual process of production.

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